Reverend Ivan E. George
Associate Minister

Reverend Suzanne H. Kershaw
Associate Minister/Chairperson of American Baptist Women & Women Ministries of Grace

Dr. Peggy Vertreace
Associate Minister/Marriage & Family Counseling Consultant/Chairperson of S.I.G.H.T.S

Ms. Darlene D. Mintz
Church Office Secretary

Reverend Carolyn Blackson
Minister/Director of Adult Work/Seminarian at Palmer Theological Seminary

Minister Samuel P. Coleman, IV
Associate Minister

Reverend Carmen M. Watson
Associate Minister/Director of Children’s Church

Reverend Arnold Storr
Associate Minister/Evangelism Team Advisor/Minister of Visitation

Reverend Tamika Holder
Associate Minister/Directer of Grace Institute

Minister Brian Wallace
Vice Chair, Board of Christian Education